StarMail Email settings  
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Configure your email program (Outlook, Thunderbird etc)  with these settings.

POP3 Server:
SMTP Server:

Password: As supplied

Got an Iphone or Ipad!
Use these setting to configure your Iphone

Go to Settings >
Mail, Contacts Calendar
> Add Account  > Other  > Add Mail Account

Start here adding your specific information.

This name will appear on each message you send.
Address: Add your SSC or domain address
Password:  Type your SSC or domain password
Description: This is the name of the mail service

Incoming Mail server
Host Name: or your domain's mail server
Type your email address here
Password: Same as above

Outgoing Mail server:
Use your mobile carrier's outgoing server mail as the primary server. The Iphone will also support multiple outgoing mail servers. Add your SSC or domain outgoing server mail as the secondary server.

  • Click on the link above and enter your complete SSC or Lavalink email address in the field.

  • Enter your password. - remember passwords are CaSe SeNsItIvE.

  • Click on the Login Button.

  StarMail Applications Extras  
  These applications all do the same basic job but with a different look and feel. If you intend to use one of these application permanently select the option to auto-configure one of these applications  when you log into StarMail.
Click on [ Enable Autoload ] to do this.
Change Password
We recommend that you do this regularly to secure your email account. There is even a password generator to help. Don't forget to record the new password. These passwords are complex.
This allows you to forward incoming email from one address to another.
      Auto Responders
Allows you to automatically send a message in response to incoming email.  Great if you are on leave.
  Roundcube - webmail for the masses   Configure Email client
This is for the brave or curious. Not tested on humans.
      Box Trapper
Functions as a SPAM filter for email addresses.
  SquirrelMail   Email Route
This shows the specific path that will be taken by an outgoing message, this can be useful for locating problems with email delivery. (Remember that the mail server at the receiving end may be having a problem or may be off-line)
Email stats
99.6% of all messages are delivered within 1 minute
0.2% of all messages are delivered within 5 minutes.
0.1% of all messages are delivered within 30 minutes.
  You may be familiar with this tool, as we have used it for years.


  Email Filtering
This is also for the brave or curious, useful to get rid of any SPAM that slips through the net. Prepare to outwit SPAMMERS.


  Personalise your mail      
  We are now able to provide personalised email addresses. This is an example:

What you get

  1. Free setup
  2. 5 addresses
  3. WebMail Access

The cost: $120 pa.

Email us at