SSC Online Help.

Too busy - Too tired - Better things to do - Just not sure!

SSC Online Help can take the worry about making your PC run better.


These are some of the tasks we can help with :-
  • PC housekeeping
  • Security checks
  • Antivirus updates
  • Software Updates
  • Email configuration
  • Driver update


Just follow this link...

1. Click on: Join Remote Control Session.
2. This will offer a link to save the software to your PC.
3. Save it to the Desktop.
4. The software will then install.
5. Once done it will show :-
a. ID 
b. Password

Email the ID and Password to  to get going. 
Please describe your problem as accurately as possible.

Your PC needs to be running and your Broadband connection online.
No fix - No Fee
The password created by TeamViewer should be reset after every help session.
NOTE - We do not store your password.

Access M-F 9am - 5pm
After hours by arrangement.

$90 per hour - billed in 15 minute increments.
We will email you a service report on completion.

Pre-paid - valid 1 year
PC Checkup - $45
2 hours - $150
4 hours - $300
8 hours - $600
All prices include GST

Call 1300 888 695 for more info

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