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Update  -  2014-05-08 3:30pm


We  are now happy to advise that most of our ADSL broadband customers have been transferred away from our previous carrier and are on online.

Phone lines
There is a delay in transferring customers' phone lines to our new carrier. The great volume of lines being transferred overall is causing some network software to crash while handling this process. At the moment some of these lines will have a "temporary disconnect" status. This situation will change to a fully operating phone line once this process is complete.

SSC has been informed that another attempt will be made tonight to run this transfer process. This time with human input.

This software is more than capable of handling normal day-to-day  tasks but it has been asked to handle more than 17,000 phone line transfers in one cycle, far more than it was planned for. 


Update  -  2014-05-08 09:30

All ADSL & Fixed Line service are now in the process of being restored with our new carrier.

This process is progressive so exact completion times etc are not available. Our suggestion is to check for dial tone and Broadband access.

SSC will receive completion notices but your service  will be active before that.

Update  - 08/05/2014
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Update  - 08/05/2014
SSC has signed contracts with a new carrier, this is the first step to restore your Broadband service. The process continues overnight and progressively tomorrow.

The same procedure applies for our fixed line customers.

At the moment all SSC ADSL, dialup and telephone customers are off line.

This became apparent Saturday afternoon (May 3) although the problem began on Friday (May 2), at that stage the problems were assumed to be technical rather than one related to our carrier's financial situation.

This article appeared in the Age late yesterday adds some more information. The article is here

SSC also received 2 emails Saturday afternoon advising that  IBOSS and Asiapac  ( both related companies supplying SSC with these services) were in administration.

The exact reasons for this outage have not been released however it seems that these (IBOSS and Asiapac), mid-level carrier supplying SSC with ADSL, dialup and telephony services have had an Administrator appointed to manage the carrier's affairs.

The carriers, now in Administration, have had their network connections, thus, all ADSL, dialup and telephony services suspended. This has flowed on to many thousands of customers.

Important Note

We are maintaining email & hosting services as normal as these services are hosted on our own servers.

If you are able to get an internet connect from a mobile, notebook, Ipad  or similar we suggest access you email message via our WebMail service. Details are here.

SSC has been placed in a invidious position at very short notice with little sensible information being provided by those organisations we have done business with for years. Nor were we given the opportunity to make alternate arrangement before the weekend to avoid this situation.

We remain confident that this matter will be resolved very quickly and all services will be restored.  We are also exploring alternative carriers to supply these services.

If you have any queries etc please email SSC  - support@ssc.net.au or call 1300 888 695

We will , of course, keep all our customer appraised of developments via this website.

It would be appropriate to offer an apology for this situation. We thank you so far for your patience.

The SSC Support Team


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Updated: 08/05/2014